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Our dogs


RIght now, four dogs live at Tallmora Kennel. Here is a short presentation of each one of our beloved faily members.

Rocky – Hamilton Hound
Lystra – Drentsche Patrijshond
Gaia – Drentsche Patrijshond
Mora – Drentsche Patrijshond


Grenåsens Rocky, born 2003-09-04

RockyRocky the Hamilton hound arrived at our family in october 2003. At that time we also had a Münsterländer called Rosso. The two boys got along well but Rosso got ill and had to move away. Here you can see how good friends the boys were before Rosso became ill.

Rocky has a big appetite for hunting and is very stubborn, but he was a little bit too quick on his feet the first two falls. Nowadays he is a bit more calm and he drives both hares and foxes. Water is nothing that bothers him and he happily swims over streams or takes a swim in the lake. He even jumps out from the boat if you are too slow to get to shore.


NUCH Blystra fan´t Suydevelt, born 2006-11-02

lystraLystra the Drentsche Patrijshond was brought from Holland, Exloërveen, right between Christmas and New Year's Eve 2006. We visisted the kennel and got to spend a little time with the owners Jaap and Froukje before heading back home with our new little puppy.

My thoughs developed towards having puppies under her in the future, as it turned out to be a very nice breed with good skills in the forest. I soon started to go to puppy-shows, which was good experience both for me and Lystra. Lystra got her first CK by the Dutch judge Wim Wellens in Sundsvall, Sweden when she was 11 months old. The same weekend she also got her first Norwegian CERT in Kongsvinger by judge Christen Lang. In the autumn 2009 she got her last CERT and is now a Norwegian Champion.

Lystras mor Hanna
Lystra's mother, Monty's Hanna fan´t Suydevelt
Lystras far Sjef
Lystra's father, Sjef fan´t Suydevelt

Gaia fan´t Suydevelt born 2007-10-26

gaiaGaia the Drentsche Patrijshond was born on October 26, 2007. We had the opportunity to visit the kennel in the middle of november as my daughter did a week of practical training at the Fan't Suydevelt kennel, helping out with the dogs. During this week I got to accompany Jaap and his friends on hunting-trips in the Dutch fields, which was a very nice experience. We would very much like to visit these areas again in the future if possible.

Right before Christmas the trip was made to Holland once again - this time to get the little puppy who was selected to move to the north of Sweden. Gaia slept almost the entire trip and has turned out to be a very calm little girl. It will be interesting to see her grow up, as she seems to be very different from how Lystra behaves. A bit more careful, a bit calmer. But she isn't that old yet, and my friends tell me that probably will change when she gets into her teens.

Gaias far Fred
Gaia's father, Fred fan´t Suydevelt
Gaias mor Pien
Gaia's mother, Pien fan´t Suydevelt

Tallmora Blystras Mora, born 2009-04-20

moraTallmora Blystras Mora, the first Drensche Patrijshond to be brought up at Tallmora. She was born in April 2009 together with six siblings - four males and three females. We went with Blystra fan´t Suydevelt to Holland to get her pregnant, a trip that was both long and exciting. In the end we got seven wonderful puppies, and the first litter to be brought up here at Tallmora Kennel in Svartberget.

Mora already shows great interest in hunting and works well with the other dogs. Gaia, the "playmate" is very patient with her, while Blystra has become more mature and "ladylike". At three months of age Mora was swimming and she retrieved her first mallard before she was five months old, to her owners great enjoyment. We are very excited to see what will become of her in the future.

Mora's mother, NUCH Blystra fan´t Suydevelt
Mora's father, Floris Phoébe van Groevenbeek
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