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Working as a Search- and Rescue Dog (SAR) takes a lot of work, both from dog and owner. Three-year old Loki is a dutch Drentsche Patrijshond who is on his way of becoming a certified Search and rescue Dog.

Anne-Fleur Horenberg practices with her Loki 2-3 times a week and has been doing that since he was about 10 months old. To become a fully trained SAR-dog you need around three years of training, something which is done both individually and in group, at diffent hours of the day.

The dog must have a very stable mind, it has to be energetic as well as social towards both humans and other animals. As well as being able to be independent the dog always have to obey the orders of its owner. These demands are tough, but a Drentsche Patrijshond seems to manage this very well.


Here below you can see Loki practicing in different environments. This includes finding wounded people, trapped beneath rubble or inside buildings, or to get to someone in need, who might be in tight spaces.

The first images shows Loki looking for two persons within a 150 square meter area. The time limit was 11 minutes, something he did not have any problems with at all.

Here below you can see Loki in a few different settings. First an obstacle course at a dog show, burt also some field training.

Anne-Fleur Horenberg with her Loki.

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