tomruta Gaia och Wilma vilar  



Here are some photos and video of our nice Drentsche Patrijsond-buddies. We try to add more content over time, just so you can find new things to look at.


Images - archives

These are our older images, from training, hunting anv various other occasions.

Winter hunt – December 2008
Trip to Norway over Åre – November 2008
Lystra from puppy to young adult – October 2008
Is a Red-breasted Merganser dangerous? – August 2008
Some fun in the water – August 2008
Retrieving in water – August 2008
Retrieving gull – May 2008
Skiing with the dogs – March 2008
A walk in the snow – March 2008

Rinus and Doortje from Piteå

Ellen visits the Hoeksema family in Holland – November 2007
Training and hunting – fall 2007
Spring walk with Lystra – May 2007
Winter fun with Lystra – February 2007

Lystra newly born – November 2006

Rosso in training – September 2005