tomruta Gaia och Wilma vilar  



Here are some photos and videos of our nice Drentsche Patrijsond-buddies. We try to add more content over time, just so you can find new things to look at.



Winter finally arrived – January 2012

Kristinehamn Tibro – July 2011

Mental training – July 2011

The chocolate litter, 4-6 weeks – June 2011

Blystra fan´t Suydevelt gets her second litter – May 2011
Spring 2011 is finally here – May 2011

Gaia's puppies are growing up – November 2010
Jacobus new home in Canada – October 2010

Tallmora Gaia's Jacobus moves – June 2010
Gaia and pups in the sun – June 2010
Gaia fan't Suydevelt's litter at Tallmora Kennel – May 2010

Judge conference in Jönköping – April 2010

A new trip to Holland! – February 2010

Breeders day in Barneveld – October 2009
The Västerbäcken dam – October 2009

Mora's first autumn – September 2009

Summer at Tallmora – July 2009

The last week with the puppies – June 2009

The first excursion to the forest edge – June 2009
The puppies 3-4 weeks old – May 2009
Lystras' new puppies in detail – May 2009

Lystras' first litter – April 2009

Gaia invites the audience for some fun – April 2009
Mating trip to Holland – January 2009
Gaias' snowy bath – January 2009
Adventure under the full moon – January 2009

Archives (images from 2008 and older)





Going out for a trip with the dog sleigh. (sorry, Swedish text only)


Bird dogs can be used for more than hunting!



Here is another video with some skiing involved. The dogs get pretty excited when we're about to go for a trip into the forest.



Gaia and snow is an excellent combination.



Lystra's first litter. Seven puppies, eight days old.


Here the puppies are almost four weeks of age.



The puppies enjoy being outside and happily comes running when called on.