tomruta svartberget  

About Tallmora kennel


Tallmora kennel is located on a beautifully situated hill out in the countryside in Västerbotten, Sweden. Today, two families live in the place called Svartberget. Lisa with husband and the two children still living at home in one house, and Lisas parents in the next one, who still runs the family farm, breeding livestock and keeping the fields clear. In Svartberget we have always had different breeds of dogs, of course mostly for hunting, like Hamilton Hounds, Gordon Setters, Finnish Spitz but also Chow Chows.

skiing with the dogs Svarberget is surrounded by large and really old forests. A 30-minute walk north brings you to cloudberry myres and small lakes. During the snowy part of the year the snowmobile is a nice way of getting across the landscape. Of course you can also go skiing in the woods or along a snowmobile track, with or without dogs. Experiencing the beautiful surroundings can be done all year around!


The interest in birdhunting has developed from my father's hunting interest and I started with Gordon Setters in the early 1980's with two groups of puppies. 1989 a Finnish Spitz named Zita moved in with the family. She became 16 years of age. A Kleiner Münsterländer, Rosso, became part of the family in October 2001 and two years later the Hamilton hound Rocky arrived.

A couple of years later I started looking for a new breed of pointing dog and found the Drentsche Patrijshond. After quite a bit of looking on the Internet for a suiting puppy I imported the first Drentsche Patrijshond puppy from Holland - NUCH Blystra fan't Suydevelt. She was brought home on December 30, 2006, and one year later we got the second girl puppy, Gaia fan´t Suydevelt. The kennel name Tallmora is a Swedish mix of the common pinetree and the word for mother.

Lisa Manfredsson

Gaia in the summer-grassOf course I want the breeding dogs to be of good health, both physically and psycologically, and follow the breed standards.

Hunting is a natural occupation all year around and the dogs live inside with the family. Exhibitions is not our highest priority, but it is of course a nice element when time and place is right. Also it's always a good way to know that the dogs follow the breed standards.

Of course training is rewarding, but even nicer is when dog-owners can help out and exchange ideas. Any of you who are interested are welcome to get in touch and visit with your dog. The farm also does breeding of pigeons, which are an important part in my training. The agricultural surroundings makes field training possible, and wetlands are close, which is good for retrieving practice in water.

Tallmora kennel is located in the municipality of Vindeln, about 60 kilometers northwest of Umeå, in the northern part of Sweden.